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Ежегодный список ста самых влиятельных людей мира по версии американского журнала Time






Рейтинги100 влиятельных людей мира по версии Time — 2013100 влиятельных людей мира по версии Time — 2016,


Отбираемые в список персоны делятся на 5 категорий: «Лидеры» (Leaders), «Магнаты» (Titans), «Знаменитости в мире искусства» (Artists), «Первооткрыватели» (Pioneers), «Кумиры» (Icons).

«100 влиятельных людей мира по версии Time в 2014»

She’s the boss

Pony Ma
China’s mobile mogul

Janet Yellen
The captain at the helm of the U.S. economy

Tony Fadell
The engineer of the smarter home

Sheika al-Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani
Qatar’s transformative patron of the arts

Pharrell Williams
The performer whose sound now blankets the world

Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy
The duo behind the disappearing image

Jeff Bezos
Tech’s most enduring innovator

Aliko Dangote
Africa’s richest man who does good in addition to doing well

Serena Williams
The champion who won’t give up

Ertharin Cousin
A Chicagoan who helps feed the world

David Koch and Charles Koch
Billionaire activists driving conservative politics

Hillary Clinton
The advocate for women leaders

Jason Collins
The NBA player who went first

Natalie Massenet
Fashion’s online emissary

Mary Jo White
Wall Street’s top watchdog

Tom Steyer
The investor is a green game-changer

Jack Ma
The king of Chinese e-commerce

Richard Sherman
The NFL cornerback who smack-talks athlete stereotypes

Alfonso Cuarón
Master of the Universe

Megan Ellison
Hollywood’s powerful wunderkind

Robert Lanza
A researcher in the vanguard of stem-cell science

Megyn Kelly
An authoritative force in cable news

Arvind Kejriwal
A powerful outsider in Indian politics 

Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe
She gives hope for young women scarred by war

John Kovac
The big brain explaining the growing universe

Travis Kalanick
The driven CEO who invented a new kind of ride

Jenji Kohan
Creator of unforgettable characters

Lydia Ko
She’s leading golf’s youth movement

Anat Admati
The economist who dared to say the bankers have no clothes

Obadah al-Kaddri
A truth teller on the Syrian airwaves

David Sinclair
The geneticist who is making age reversal real

Kathryn Sullivan
The world’s weatherwoman

José Mujica
The revolutionary who legalized pot

Edward Snowden
The renegade in exile

Major General Herbert Raymond McMaster
The architect of the future U.S. Army

Imam Omar Kobine Layama, Archbishop Dieudonné Nzapalainga and The Rev. Nicolas Guérékoyame-Gbangou
Faith leaders on the front line


Hosain Rahman
The stylist of wearable tech

Arunachalam Muruganantham
The entrepreneur who is an unlikely health crusader

Katharine Hayhoe
An environmental evangelist

Benedict Cumberbatch
The alarmingly talented English star

Seth Meyers
The new kid in late night

Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez
They told the world to «Let It Go»

Kerry Washington
The actor who projects strength amid scandal

Binyavanga Wainaina
The memoirist with a mission

Amy Adams
The cinematic chameleon

John Green
Author and teen whisperer

Steve McQueen
The passionate storyteller

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele
The new faces of funny

Diane Paulus
The Broadway genius who reinvents the classics

Robin Wright
The actress who beams a light on Washington’s dark corners

Matthew McConaughey
The most surprising actor in Hollywood

Miley Cyrus
The pop provocateur

Yao Chen
A Chinese superstar with an activist streak

Barbara Brown Taylor
A centering voice in the wilderness

Mary Barra
The executive in the hot seat

John Kerry
The relentless negotiator

Vladimir Putin
The Russian leader who tests the West

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
Guardian of Nigeria’s public funds

Hassan Rouhani
The politician who reached out to the West

Scott Walker
The heartland’s Republican hopeful

Ory Okolloh
The activist who helps Africans exercise their power

Shinzo Abe
Asia’s bold reformer

Abdul Fattah al-Sisi
Egypt’s next strongman

Xi Jinping
China’s leading man

Barack Obama
The U.S. president’s demise may be exaggerated

Withelma “T” Ortiz Walker Pettigrew
The modern abolitionist

Narendra Modi
The divisive politician poised to lead the world’s largest democracy

Eric Holder
The justice seeker

Michelle Bachelet
A passionate champion of women’s rights

Andrew Haldane
The central banker not afraid to be blunt

Angela Merkel
The transformer of Germany

Jerry Brown
California’s turnaround artist

Thuli Madonsela
South Africa’s fearless public advocate

Rand Paul
The libertarian champion

Kirsten Gillibrand
The U.S. Senate’s rising Democratic star

Nicolás Maduro
The man who holds Venezuela’s future

Abdullah Gul
A Turkish moderate with a tough choice ahead

Kim Jong Un
North Korea’s mercurial autocrat

Abu Du’a [a.k.a. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi]
The world’s most dangerous man

Robert Redford
The godfather of indie film

Erwiana Sulistyaningsih
The migrant worker who fought back

Pope Francis
A moral leader in word and deed

Malala Yousafzai
Pakistan’s torchbearer for girls’ education

Donna Tartt
The author whose characters’ lives change our own

Arundhati Roy
The novelist who is the conscience of India

Christy Turlington Burns
An ambassador for maternal health

Carrie Underwood
The all-round American idol

Phoebe Philo
Céline’s fashion powerhouse

Charlie Rose
The broadcast journalist who disarms the powerful

Alice Waters
The activist chef who pioneered good food for all

Marina Abramovic
The presiding deity of performance art

Cristiano Ronaldo
Portugal’s game winner

Carl Icahn
The Wolf of Wall Street reborn





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