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19 января журнал Forbes опубликовал ежегодный рейтинг самых ярких молодых предпринимателей и лидеров бизнеса в возрасте до 30 лет. Среди 600 участников рейтинга есть несколько россиян

19 января журнал Forbes опубликовал ежегодный рейтинг самых ярких молодых предпринимателей и лидеров бизнеса в возрасте до 30 лет. Среди 600 участников рейтинга есть несколько россиян.


Участники списка ранжированы на 20 категорий, от технологий и киноиндустрии до социального предпринимательства. Критерием попадания в рейтинг послужил экспертный опрос, проведенный со специалистами по каждому из представленных сегментов бизнеса. Цель списка — определить самых прогрессивных и креативных представителей нового поколения.



30 Under 30: Hollywood & Entertainment — Самые успешные бизнес-лидеры моложе тридцати — 2016, 30 Under 30: Sports — Самые успешные бизнес-лидеры моложе тридцати — 2016, 30 Under 30: Consumer Tech — Самые успешные бизнес-лидеры моложе тридцати — 2016, 30 Under 30: Finance — Самые успешные бизнес-лидеры моложе тридцати 2016, 30 Under 30: Art & Style — Самые успешные бизнес-лидеры моложе тридцати 2016


Meet The 30 Under 30: Art & Style


1. Ashley Graham, 28

A size 14 who wears a 36 triple-D bra, plus-size model Graham landed five magazine covers in the last year plus a bikini ad in the 2015 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. “I’ve had success in breaking the mold in the fashion industry,” she says. She credits “my hot body. It sounds a little misogynistic, but I also think that it’s great because I have a body that the average-size American woman has. And I’m using it to let other women know that you are beautiful.”Graham got her start at age 12, when a modeling scout plucked her out of a crowd at a shopping mall in Omaha, near her hometown of Lincoln, Nebr. After signing with Ford and moving to New York at 17, she lost her way for a year, gorging on pizza and ballooning to a size 18. She’s since become what she calls a “body activist,” advocating for the 50% of American women who wear a size 14 or larger, an $18 billion market. She also has her own $1.6 million (sales) lingerie line with Canadian retailer Addition Elle. Proof that she’s not only changing the way women are seen but also how they see themselves and shop.

2. Kristina Bazan, 22
Fashion Blogger, Kayture

One of the world’s most influential fashion bloggers. Bazan founded Kayture four years ago, as a teenager. She creates the content herself, including shooting most of the photos. She was recently named a brand ambassador for L’Oreal.

3. Olivia Bee, 21

Her work was in an ad campaign for Converse when she was 15. Bee has since shot for Adidas, Fiat, Hermes, Levi Strauss, Nike. Many of her dreamy images look inspired by the ’70s, like a couple atop a motorbike, without helmets, silhouetted against the orange and purple dusk.

4. Sarah Pierson, 23, Alexa Buckley, 24
Shoe Designers, Margaux

The two Harvard grads were inspired by Sheryl Sandberg’s commencement speech in 2014 to “take a leap of faith.” A year later they founded Margaux, selling made-to-measure ballet flats through their website. The shoes are made in Spain from Italian leather. The shoes’ prices range from $175 to $195.

5. Meg Callahan, 27
Quilt Designer, M. Callahan Studio

Oklahoma-born designer Callahan takes inspiration for her intricate geometric patterns from the big skies of the American West. Handmade, her quilts can serve as hangings or bedding. One piece, with curving black shapes against a white background, recalls the ribbons of highway on a free-floating road trip.

6. Ivan Cash, 29
Artist, Cash Studios

Cash is a San Francisco-based interactive artist and filmmaker who’s collaborated with Airbnb, Facebook, L’Oreal and Toyota. He created Snailmail My Email, an annual worldwide community art project where volunteers write and send out strangers’ emails through the post office. Cash got his start selling hand-printed t-shirts outside Madison Square Garden during college.

7. Lauren Conrad, 29
Fashion Designer

Reality TV star (Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and The Hills) and author Conrad has been a fashion designer since 2011 when she created a fashion and accessories line for Kohl’s. She released a book about her personal style in 2010, and she has a beauty and cosmetics line. Her upscale fashion line is called Paper Crown. She’s also the co-founder of an online store, The Little Market, which distributes handmade pieces made by women

8. Petra Cortright, 29

Los Angeles-based Cortright has been called an Internet artist with post-Internet savvy, knowing that most of her work will be viewed online. She posts many of her pieces on YouTube and makes provocative videos, like Niki_Lucy_Lola_Viola, where virtual strippers perform their routines against a backdrop that looks like a green screen.

9. Delfina Delettrez, 28
Jewelry Designer

A descendant of the Fendi fashion family, Rome-based Delettrez’s jewelry is in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, a private museum in Paris. Her elegant, playful pieces are made from precious metals, colorful stones and pearls. Some nod to the surreal, like an open-ended gold ring that incorporates a pearl and a human eye. Customers include Beyoncé, Madonna, Taylor Swift, Catherine Deneuve.

10. Daniel DuGoff, 27
Menswear Designer, DDUGOFF

Two years ago Dugoff launched DDUGOFF, to fill what he saw as a void in men’s wardrobes, what he calls “unbasic basics.” He designs t-shirts, sweatpants and sweatshirts in fine cottons, wools and cashmere. He says his label “lies halfway between going to work and staying home, because realistically that’s how we live and dress.»

11. Zoe Latta, 28, Mike Eckhaus, 28
Fashion Designers, ECKHAUS LATTA

Bicoastal design duo founded fashion label Eckhaus Latta in 2012. Their work has been dubbed youthful, edgy and sexy. Zoe also founded textile design company Prince Ruth, whose clients have included Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang and Calvin Klein.

12. Sophie Elgort, 29
Fashion Photographer

Daughter of fashion photographer Arthur Elgort, Sophie was pre-med at Brown while majoring in comparative literature. After college she realized her true love was photography. Her work has appeared in Glamour, The Financial Times and Elle and she’s shot for Mercedez Benz, Clinique and Top Shop, among others

13. Daniel Fishel, 29

The Queens-based illustrator created a set of tarot cards for The Portlandia Activity Book. Fishel has also designed book covers (see Nick Hornby’s Ten Years in the Tub) and made work for various publications (LA Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe).

14. Joseph Guerra, 25, Sina Sohrab, 25
Industrial Designers, Visibility

Guerra and Sohrab founded New York-based industrial design studio Visbility in 2012. The company specializes in simple, functional products improved with small but important modifications, like an aluminum coat hanger partially encased in cedar and a broom with a pivoting heads that allows it to store easily and double as a hand duster.

15. Natalie Herrera, 29
Ceramicist, High Gloss

Graphic-designer-turned-ceramicist Herrera founded High Gloss in 2013. She uses unconventional tools like a compass, an X-acto knife and a drafting triangle to alter her thrown pieces with geometric forms. Instead of handles, a set of coffee cups have rounded finger rests.

16. John Humphrey, 27, Myung Chul «Bruce» Kim, 25, Alec Babala, 24, Jonah Willcox-Healey, 24
Furniture Designers, Greycork

Three graduates of the Rhode Island School of Design and one from Rollins College have built what they call “a better alternative to IKEA,” at competitive prices. You can order their durable furniture online with free shipping and assemble it in minutes with no tools. Example: A basic grey sofa with wooden base and three cushy pillows.

17. Azede Jean-Pierre, 27
Fashion Designer

Born in Haiti and raised in Atlanta, Jean-Pierre debuted her line in 2012. Michelle Obama wore one of her dresses on the cover of Essence and Solange Knowles is a fan. This spring Jean-Pierre showed knit white dresses accented with long fringe hanging from a flowing silhouette.

18. Lucy Jones, 24
Fashion Designer, Seated Design

Designing exclusively for the disabled, Welsh-born Jones makes clothing for people confined to wheelchairs. Her modular pieces incorporate features like added fabric on kneecaps and elbows, zippers that run the length of the arm, and snaps and magnets that make dressing easier.

19. Hayden Lasher, 29
Handbag Designer, Hayden Lasher

The great grand-niece of clothier Henri Bendel, Lasher is also the niece of the founder of Belgian Shoes, a popular brand among the well-healed of Manhattan’s Upper East Side. She started her company in 2014, making classically shaped leather handbags, decorated with a little bow and designed to match the shoes. Taylor Swift, Chloe Sevigny, Jamie King are fans.

20. Sarah Law, 29
Handbag Designer, KARA

Launched in 2013, KARA bags are in 50 different stores in 15 countries, including Barneys New York and Open Ceremony. Law took the name KARA from Karaoke, which means “empty orchestra” in Japanese. Her signature piece is a simple, boxy leather backpack with a heavy zipper across the middle, which sells for $500.

21. Ximon Lee, 25
Menswear Designer, XIMONLEE

With an emphasis on outerwear, Lee makes pieces like a crisp, tailored denim coat with oversized lapels, sealed on the inside with heavyweight knit lining. In 2015 he won the H&M Design Award  and was short-listed for the LVMH Prize in Paris. His clothing is carried in nine stores across seven countries.

22. Eric Mack, 28

Mack makes three-dimensional abstract pieces that resemble wall hangings, incorporating paint and fabrics like shipping blankets, his own clothing, material from a family couch He has been a resident artist at the Studio Museum in Harlem and his work has been shown at the Museum of Modern Art’s PS 1 outpost.

23. Madison Maxey, 22
Fashion Designer, The Crated

The first fashion designer to be picked as a recipient of the $100,000 Thiel fellowship, Maxey dropped out of Parsons after one semester. In 2013 she founded The Crated, a design and engineering studio that makes clothes that incorporate technology, like a black dress, funded by Google and designed by Zac Posen, infused with multicolored LED lights.

24. Jake Sargent, 28
Fashion Designer, SIMON MILLER

Together with Dan Corrigan, 30, Sargent has built Simon Miller, which started as a men’s fashion line, into women’s ready-to-wear and bags. They also design furniture and rugs. An iconic piece: a wide-legged pant made of unwashed, raw denim sourced from Japan. Barney’s and Bergdorf carry the brand.

25. Athena Papadopoulos, 27

A painter who has had solo shows in London and Berlin and an upcoming one-person exhibition in New York, one of Papadopoulos’s recent canvases in pinks, reds and slate shows seven disembodied faces running down the left side, a trio of smiling, cloaked figures and a long curving skeleton.

26. Ryder Ripps, 29

Ripps is a conceptual artist living in New York City. His first solo exhibition, “Ho,” opened in January at the Postmasters Gallery. His oil paintings, based on model Adrienne Ho’s Instagram posts, elicited controversy and an anonymous death threat. He also founded online art community and is creative director of digital agency OKFocus, whose clients include Nike and Bruno Mars

27. Noa Santos, 27
Interior Designer, Homepolish

CEO and co-founder of Homepolish, Santos matches clients with interior designers who charge by the hour and offer discounts on furniture and fixtures. He and co-founder Will Nathan, a former coder for Buzzfeed, each invested $1,000 of their own money to launch the business in 2012. They expect revenues of $10 million in 2015.

28. Aimee Song, 29
Fashion Blogger, Song of Style

While studying interior design in 2008, Song started a fashion blog called Song of Style. She now gets four million page views a month and she’s collaborated with companies like LaCoste and Bloomingdale’s, where she designed a line of bracelets. She also runs an interior design business, Song of Style Design.

29. Wing Yau, 28
Jewelry Designer, WWAKE

A former sculptor and performance artist, Yau founded jewelry studio WWAKE in 2012. Her pieces are light, airy twists on traditional pieces, like an open ring with two asymmetrically-sized opals highlighted by tiny diamonds. WWAKE is in 65 stores worldwide, including in New York, Paris and Tokyo.

30. Amalia Ulman, 26

For a 2014 project archived at the New Museum in New York City, Ulman used an Instagram account to create a fictional alter ego that fooled thousands of followers. Born in Argentina, raised in Spain and based in Los Angeles, her wide-ranging work includes photos of porn actors against a filmy white background and delicate wire sculptures of bicycles and wheelchairs.

31. Judges: Sophia Amoruso, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alison Pincus
Sophia Amoruso

Founder, Nasty Gal

At age 22, Amoruso created an eBay store called “Nasty Gal Vintage,” where she sold used clothing and designer pieces. By the time she made Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in 2012 at age 28, her company, Nasty Gal, had $128 million in revenues. She now has two Los Angeles brick and mortar stores and a bestselling book, #GIRLBOSS.

Sarah Jessica Parker


Style and screen icon Parker won four Golden Globes and an Emmy for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City,” where she was also an executive producer. She designs and co-owns a shoe line, SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker, and has created several fragrances, including Lovely. She’s the Vice President of the NYC Ballet and sits on the board of the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities.

Alison Pincus

Cofounder, One Kings Lane

In 2009, Pincus co-founded home décor ecommerce site One Kings Lane, which offers 72-hour sales on top-brand, vintage and designer items. A digital-media veteran, she held marketing and business development posts at The Walt Disney Company, NBC and Hachette Filipacchi. She sits on the board of IfOnly, a site that sells gifts and experiences.


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