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Сооснователь компании Titanium Exploration Partners

Сооснователь компании Titanium Exploration Partners









Топ ярких звезд бизнеса до 30 лет

Издание Forbes ежегодно проводит масштабное исследование самых перспективных предпринимателей в различных отраслях, от финансов и технологий до музыки, спорта и науки. Цель рейтинга – определить самых прогрессивных и креативных представителей нового поколения бизнесменов до 30 лет.

Forbes’ annual 30 Under 30 list

Cofounder, Titanium Exploration Partners

Even with oil prices plummeting, fracking remains a boom industry especially in South Texas’ energy rich Eagle Ford Shale, where wily operators can extract oil for as little as $40 per barrel. That opportunity has attracted a fresh generation of energy entrepreneurs like Brennan Potts, who teamed up with two older oil & gas veterans to form Titanium Exploration Partners in 2014. The firm has raised $300 million in private equity funding (fracking is capital intensive) and amassed interests in over 25,000 acres and 100 wells. Potts splits his time between evaluating new investments and managing the drilling on the properties that Titanium already owns. “We started this company in my home in Dallas and actually invested our first $20 million off my kitchen table.” Before Titanium, Potts worked in business development at Valor Petroleum and at Upland Oil & Gas, where he worked on a deal to acquire drilling rights on 39 million acres in Peru. «Any success that I’ve enjoyed to date has been because people have believed in my ability early in my career.»

Brennan Potts Leads A New Generation Into Energy Industry
Even with oil prices plummeting, fracking is a boom industry. Energy entrepreneurs like Brennan Potts, cofounder of Titanium Exploration Partners. The firm has raised $300 million in private equity funding and amassed interests in over 25,000 acres.

Самые перспективные молодые предприниматели

Американский журнал Forbes составил рейтинг самых перспективных молодых предпринимателей в 20 различных сферах деятельности.

Titan: Exploration and Drilling Venture gets endorsement

Matthews founded Cornerstone, while Simmons previously was managing director of Pharos Financial Group and Clear Creek Capital, a Dallas-based private equity firm. Rounding out Titan River’s management team are Kent A. Bowker, executive vice president of geology, and Brennan R. Potts, vice president of land and business development.

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