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Основатель компании Caviar

Основатель компании Caviar






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Forbes: Самые яркие звезды бизнеса моложе 30 лет

Редакция американского Forbes ежегодно проводит масштабное исследование самых перспективных предпринимательских кадров в различных отраслях, от финансов и технологий до музыки, спорта и науки. В каждой из 20 категорий журналисты при помощи экспертов и участников рынка определяют по 30 предпринимателей моложе 30 лет, которые реализуют прорывные для своей индустрии проекты. Цель рейтинга — определить самых прогрессивных и креативных представителей нового поколения бизнесменов. В нашей галерее представлены победители всех 20 отраслевых категорий.

Square orders in, buying food delivery startup Caviar

“Caviar’s curated, seamless delivery experience is exactly the kind of service we want to provide buyers and sellers,” Square CEO Dorsey, who is also a cofounder of Twitter, said in a statement. Meanwhile, Caviar cofounder and CEO Jason Wang said teaming up with Square would offer his company’s customers access to a wider selection of restaurants “while helping restaurants reach new customers and simplify their operations.”

How to get braised pork belly and truffled eggs delivered almost anywhere in the city

Caviar CEO Jason Wang says his team (there are two full-timers in Chicago) is “very strict with the restaurants we let onboard.”

Customers select a one-hour delivery window, up to six days in advance, then a restaurant. The fee on top of the menu prices is $9.99 plus an 18 percent tip. (Deliveries are free through mid-July.) A “shared cart” feature lets other people — friends, family, co-workers — use a link to add items to the order too

Caviar Raises $13M to Challenge Grubhub, Help Top Chefs Deliver

Will venture investors ever tire of take-out?

In the latest deal for a food delivery startup, Caviar Inc. has raised $13 million from Tiger Global’s venture fund, according to Chief Executive Jason Wang (and confirmed by a spokesperson for Tiger Global). Terms of the deal including valuation were not disclosed.

Caviar helps high-end restaurants sell and deliver anything on their menu to customers who can’t come in for a meal. This means restaurateurs and chefs don’t have to become Web marketers or managers of small logistics teams, Mr. Wang said.

Interview: Jason Wang, Co-Founder of Caviar

One of the perks of living in a major city: The delivery. Dinner is just a phone call away. But with limited delivery zones and frequent unreliability, delivery services certainly have their limits. Caviar aims to change that. The new service partners with well-reviewed restaurants, some of which don’t otherwise deliver–including Mission Chinese Food and Katz’s Delicatessen in NYC–and, for a $9.99 delivery fee, can bring your food anywhere within an extraordinary radius. For NYC, that’s below 60th Street in Manhattan, giving them a zone about 20 times that of an average delivery service. (Caviar also currently operates within San Francisco and Seattle.) We chatted with co-founder Jason Wang about Caviar and what sets it apart.

Caviar: The Winklevoss-Backed Food Delivery Service

Get it while it’s hot: Square fuels food delivery frenzy with Caviar acquisition

Now it’s official: Square announced this morning that it has indeed acquired Caviar. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, and Caviar CEO Jason Wang notes in a blog post that his company will continue to operate independently for now.

“Today, we’re excited to announce that Caviar is joining Square,” Wang wrote. “Together we’ll double down our mission of delivering premium food through a premium delivery service with no compromises — giving buyers easy access to the food and restaurants they love so much.”

Fraternity Brothers Collaborate on Food-Tech Startup

Q. What’s the backstory on the four UC Berkeley alumni who founded Caviar? How did this group come together?

Jason: Although we are all from different graduating classes at UC Berkeley, we all met within our fraternity on campus, Pi Alpha Phi. The four of us came together in May 2012 after creating another startup, Munch On Me, which was part of the summer 2011 batch of Y Combinator. Previously, Jason was at Google; Richard was at Electronic Arts; Shawn was a graduating senior studying architecture; and Andy was still in school studying EECS. It wasn’t planned at all when our group came together, but we all felt a sense of wanting to create something that would make a big impact. Food and restaurants in local economies are things we care deeply about. What better way to change the world than go after something we do multiple times a day, everyday? Since our entrepreneurial start, we’ve been working together for 3.5 years.

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