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Сооснователь компании Humble Bundle

Сооснователь компании Humble Bundle






«Bloomberg Billionaires 2014»«Богатейшие люди планеты — 2014»«Богатейшие люди планеты — 2013»Рейтинг российских миллионеров 2011«Рейтинг российских миллиардеров 2012»«Самые яркие звезды бизнеса моложе 30 лет — 2015»«Где живут самые богатые люди страны» 



«Высокопоставленные Родственники»Bloomberg Billionaires 2014,




Forbes: Самые яркие звезды бизнеса моложе 30 лет

Редакция американского Forbes ежегодно проводит масштабное исследование самых перспективных предпринимательских кадров в различных отраслях, от финансов и технологий до музыки, спорта и науки. В каждой из 20 категорий журналисты при помощи экспертов и участников рынка определяют по 30 предпринимателей моложе 30 лет, которые реализуют прорывные для своей индустрии проекты. Цель рейтинга — определить самых прогрессивных и креативных представителей нового поколения бизнесменов. В нашей галерее представлены победители всех 20 отраслевых категорий.

The Humble Rise of Humble Bundle

Perhaps that’s down to Humble Bundle’s origins in an elementary school library. Graham attended school with Jeffrey and David Rosen (he describes them as «twin brother geniuses»), the latter of which cut his teeth in game development in second grade when he made a choose-your-own-adventure war game using Mac programming tool HyperCard. «It was so intense,» says Graham, «even with those black and white graphics. Everybody started playing it. Once the librarians realised what the heck he had made they banned it from the library.»

Saving a penny — pirating the Humble Indie Bundle

One common email we have been getting is people notifying us that they see live Humble Bundle key links around the internet on various forums, 4chan, and even Steam! I decided to look into this a little bit and try to guess how big of a phenomenon it is.

After some simple math, I estimate that over 25% of Humble Indie Bundle downloads are ‘pirated’ — that is, users download from shared links from forums and other places without actually contributing anything. Note: that is not including BitTorrent and other sources.

Interview: Jeff Rosen of the Humble Indie Bundles

Jeff Rosen: We saw that simple indie Steam sales were constantly topping Reddit as stories of the day, and we were guilty of buying more than a few of them. This gave us the motivation to make a simple Preorder Pack with our friends at Unknown Worlds, bundling Natural Selection 2 with Wolfire’s upcoming game Overgrowth. That did very well for both of us [see our post mortem here] so we were brainstorming ways to top that.

We wanted to do another promotion, and we kept thinking of ways on how to make it better. We kept layering on new «features,» until we had something that we thought was pretty much the most humble, consumer-friendly promotion possible: a «Humble Bundle,» if you will.

Humble Bundle gives pirates what they want, gets ripped off

We spoke to Jeffery Rosen, cofounder of Wolfire Games, about the piracy rate of the Humble Bundle. «I think piracy is absolutely inevitable—this is a really clear example of it,» Rosen said. «People will literally not pay a penny to a charity in order to legitimately get a bundle of games that they want.»

Rosen points out that the Bundle has stripped away nearly every rationalization for piracy. «A lot of the common rationalizations for piracy simply don’t exist here: DRM, an agent between you and the developers, or high prices. Some people rationalize it by claiming they can’t pay—but they could have asked their mom. They could have e-mailed us (we’re currently at inbox zero for support requests).» Rosen claims they received thousands of technical support questions throughout the week, about 10 of them relating to payment.

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