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Глава государства Острова Кука, представитель королевы Великобритании 






«Мировая экономика»



A biopolítica do controle

Um deputado declarou que um dia será possível descobrir se embriões têm tendências criminosas. Puro delírio reacionário? pior que isso: ‘neurocriminologia’
Recentemente em entrevista ao jornal inglês The Guardian, no dia 29 de junho, o deputado federal Laerte Bessa (PR-DF) 

Estranged wife of disgraced banker Fred Goodwin tries to block affordable housing development as it would spoil her view 

THE estranged wife of disgraced former RBS boss Fred Goodwin tried to block an affordable housing development – because of fears it would spoil the view from her £3.5million mansion. 

The trial of Fred Goodwin

The parliamentary commission on standards in UK banks has come up with the politically expedient idea of a new criminal offence of “reckless misconduct in the management of a bank”. It admits the idea is mainly to give senior bank executives more pause for thought. 

The Fred Goodwin knighthood row: Mehi Hasan on five things to consider 

Let us be under no illusions: Frederick Anderson Goodwin is an awful, awful man who doesn’t deserve anyone’s sympathy — or pity. I say this not just because, as Alex Brummer points out in today’s Mail, «he was he felt able to conduct an extramarital affair with a senior female colleague» and «then hid behind a court injunction until he was found out», but because, by all accounts, he was a terrible, terrible boss to work for. Have a read of the recent book, Masters of Nothing by Tory MPs Matthew Hancock and Nadhim Zahawi, which paints an, ahem, unflattering portrait, shall we say, of the power-crazy former RBS boss. 

Fred Goodwin and three other directors at RBS served with £4bn lawsuit by shareholders

Fred Goodwin and his former entourage at Royal Bank of Scotland have been served with a £4bn lawsuit by shareholders.
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Goodwin stripped of knighthood

Sir Fred Goodwin, the former boss of Royal Bank of Scotland, is being stripped of his knighthood, in the latest political concession to public anger in Britain over the perceived arrogance of some senior bankers.
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Radio Host Has Drug Company Ties

An influential psychiatrist who was the host of the popular public radio program “The Infinite Mind,” produced by Lichtenstein Creative Media, earned at least $1.3 million from 2000 to 2007 giving marketing lectures for drugmakers, income not mentioned on the program. 

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