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Президент Маршалловых островов

Президент Маршалловых островов






«Мировая экономика»



Рекордные приливы затопили Маршалловы острова

28 июня 2013. Крохотные Маршалловы острова в Тихом океане затоплены рекордными приливами, которые захлестнули столицу Маджуро и вынудили правительство приветствовать американские спасательные команды со словами «добро пожаловать в глобальное потепление».

Политическое устройство Маршалловых островов

Маршалловы Острова — самоуправляющееся государственное образование в свободной ассоциации с США. Конституция, принятая 1 мая 1979 года, устанавливает республиканскую форму правления, сочетающую в себе черты британской и американской политических систем.

Marshall Islands’ President Christopher Loeak says it’s not too late for climate action to save the Pacific

Is it too late to save low-lying Pacific nations from being lost forever because of rising sea levels?
The President of Marshall Islands, Christopher Loeak, doesn’t think so and he’s been on a relentless campaign to get the world to listen to his message.

An open letter from Christopher J. Loeak, President of the Republic of the Marshall Islands

For those of us weathering the devastating consequences of climate change, President Obama’s recent pledge to revive American leadership on the issue could not be more welcome. The President said that the U.S. has a «moral obligation» to lead the fight against the carbon pollution that has triggered the «global threat of our time.» We could not agree more. It’s time to turn the President’s words into action. This is why I have written to you, Mr Secretary, to invite you to attend the Pacific Islands Forum in September. 

Marshall Islands calls for IMO action on ship GHG emissions 

There are no global warming skeptics in the Marshall Islands. Lying just two meters above sea level, the atoll island nation has already suffered unprecedented droughts, massive tides and the impact of increasing numbers of typhoons. Some of its islands have already been submerged and lost forever. President of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Christopher J. Loeak has made impassioned please for international action on the issue and among initiatives taken included by the republic include bringing together the largest-ever Pacific Islands Forum Leaders’ meeting in Majuro to discuss the issue.

Obama pushes Asia security, climate action at G-20 summit in Brisbane

President Barack Obama placed Asia security and climate change at the top of the agenda as the G-20 summit commenced Saturday in Brisbane, Australia.
He renewed his commitment to a strategic pivot toward a more Asia-Pacific-focused foreign policy for the United Sates as the two-day summit began. The president insisted the region’s security must be based not on “coercion or intimidation … where big nations bully the small, but on alliances for mutual security.”

Castaway leaves Marshall Islands for home in El Salvador

Jose Salvador Alvarenga, the castaway thought to have spent 13 months drifting across the Pacific from Mexico, has left the island nation to be reunited with his family 

Prez Pranab Mukherjee extends greetings to Marshall Islands on Constitution Day

New Delhi: President Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday extended his greetings and felicitations to the government and people of the Republic of the Marshall Islands on the eve of their Constitution Day.

Marshall Islands President first to commit to Ban’s climate summit

Christopher Loeak confirms he will bring “bold actions” to UN Secretary General’s September meeting

Marshall Islands president visits Taiwan

Taipei, Nov. 25 (CNA) Marshall Islands President Christopher Loeak began a five-day visit to Taiwan Tuesday, during which he is scheduled to receive a medal from the government and an honorary doctoral degree from Taipei Medical University, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that day.

Marshall Islands President would rather drown than abandon country

Pacific Island leaders set to sign declaration that they will take initiative at UN climate change talks

Small island anger as China and India snub UN climate summit

Tony de Brum says he expects “solidarity not excuses” from fellow developing nations

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