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Подборка статей Bloomberg о Аркадии Ротенберге






Ротенберг Аркадий Романович — Российский предприниматель, председатель совета директоров банка «Северный морской путь». Генеральный директор клуба дзюдо «Явара-Нева», председатель Высшего совета Национального союза дзюдо, вице-президент Федерации дзюдо России. Упоминается в прессе как друг Владимира Путина.


Bloomberg about of Arkady Rotenberg



Bloomberg о Аркадии Ротенберге

How to Avoid the Next Sochi

Surprise! The Sochi Olympics are going to be the most expensive in history, at a price of more than $50 billion.

out it costs a lot of money to transform a one-lane town on the Black
Sea into the host of the world’s largest winter sports event, especially
in light of the coincidence that two of the biggest contractors, Arkady
and Boris Rotenberg, are childhood friends of Russian President
Vladimir Putin.

Sochi Losers Emerge Before the Olympics Start

Basic Element Co., the holding company of billionaire Oleg Deripaska
that controls Rusal, oversees Sochi projects valued at $2.4 billion,
including a $778 million Olympic athletes’ village. Bridge and road
builder Mostotrest has the bulk of the $6.8 billion of Olympic contracts
held by Putin’s judo partner Arkady Rotenberg.

Putin’s $48 Billion Olympic Legacy Faces 100-Day Sprint to Open

billions spent on the Olympic project include contracts with Putin
allies, such as Arkady Rotenberg, a boyhood friend and former judo
partner of the president, who holds a black belt in the sport.
Rotenberg’s companies have been awarded at least 227 billion rubles
($7.1 billion) of contracts for the Sochi Games, according to figures
compiled from corporate and government filings. That’s more than the
entire budget for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and just 15 percent
of Russia’s latest estimate for the Sochi event. Last year’s summer
Olympics in London cost about 8.8 billion pounds ($13.4 billion),
according to organizers.

Kerimov Sellout From Uralkali Seen Failing to Boost Potash Price

including OAO Russneft owner Mikhail Gutseriev, Vladimir Evtushenkov
and Arkady Rotenberg have been linked with bids for Kerimov’s 22 percent
Uralkali holding, Forbes Russia and Kommersant reported earlier this
month. Evtushenkov told the Interfax news service he wasn’t in talks to
buy Kerimov’s stake, and declined to comment when called by Bloomberg.
Gutseriev didn’t respond to requests for comment. Andrey Baturin,
Rotenberg’s spokesman, declined to comment on the reports, saying they
were “just a rumor.”

Kerimov to sell Uralkali stake.

Several groups
of investors close to Russian President Vladimir Putin are reportedly
interested in billionaire Suleiman Kerimov’s stake in Uralkali, one of
the world’s biggest potash producers. Uralkali recently unleashed a
global potash price war by breaking up its cartel with Belaruskali, a
producer based in neighboring Belarus. On a recent visit to Belarus,
Uralkali chief executive Vladislav Baumgertner was arrested for «abuse
of powers.» Despite Russia’s demands that he be released, he remains in
jail, and Belarussian authorities have said they are prepared to charge
Kerimov, too. The billionaire is now seeking a buyer for his 21 percent
stake, hoping for a 25 percent premium over the market price. Interested
parties reportedly include Igor Sechin, head of the state oil company
Rosneft, and Putin friends Vladimir Kogan and Arkady Rotenberg. Their
interest may explain the fact that Russia has not put more pressure on
Belarus to release Baumgertner. If Rosneft or businessmen close to Putin
acquire Kerimov’s stake, it is likely that the potash cartel will be
revived and global producers will no longer have to worry about a price

Putin Allies Buy Finnish Hockey Team to Play for Russian Title

Arkady Rotenberg and Boris Rotenberg will also buy Hartwall Areena in
Helsinki, Jokerit’s home rink and Finland’s largest event venue, with a
seating capacity of about 13,500, according to an e-mailed statement
from the business partners’ Arena Events Oy venture. The price wasn’t

Dagestan Billionaire Ensnared by Putin-Medvedev Rivalry

friends of Putin, 60, such as Arkady Rotenberg, whose companies have
won more than $7 billion of contracts for the 2014 Winter Olympics,
continue to benefit from state spending, businessmen more closely
aligned with Medvedev and Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich are
coming under increasing pressure. Medvedev, 47, said in January that he
may run for president again when Putin’s third term ends in 2018.

Russia Stocks Rise 2nd Day as ECB Rate-Cut Bets Boost Sberbank

Rostelecom slid 4 percent to 111.36 rubles, the steepest percentage
decline on the Micex. Mikhail Prokhorov’s Onexim Group said that it may
consider buying a stake in the phone operator from Marshall Capital
after the fund annulled its deal with Arkady Rotenberg.

Prokhorov’s Onexim Keen on Marshall’s Stake in Rostelecom

Mikhail Prokhorov’s Onexim Group said it may consider buying a 10.7
percent stake in fixed-line operator OAO Rostelecom from Marshall
Capital after the fund annulled its deal with Arkady Rotenberg.

“We were interested in buying the stake from Konstantin Malofeev,
but talks were stopped by the deal with Rotenberg,” Dmitry Razumov,
Onexim’s chief executive officer, said in an interview last week. “We
may still consider it if the opportunity presents itself.”

Putin Buddy Gets $7 Billion of Deals for Sochi Olympics

Rotenberg, the boyhood friend and former judo partner of black-belt
President Vladimir Putin, already is collecting his winnings from what
promises to be the most expensive Winter Olympics ever next year.

Rotenberg’s companies have been awarded at least 227 billion rubles
($7.4 billion) of contracts for the 2014 Sochi Games, according to
figures compiled from corporate and government filings. That’s more than
the entire budget for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, though it represents
just 15 percent of Russia’s latest estimate for the Sochi event.

Yes, Cyprus Is Different

To take just one
example, reported by Bloomberg News today, Arkady Rotenberg, the
childhood friend and former judo partner of President Vladimir Putin
controls his Russian construction company through a Cyprus-based
vehicle, Marc O’Polo Investments Ltd. Rotenberg’s companies have been
awarded at least $7.4 billion of contracts for the 2014 Winter Olympics
in Sochi. This is the heart of the Kremlin establishment — no wonder
Putin has attacked the euro-area plan to take 9.9 percent of tax Cyprus
deposits above 100,000 euro, and 6.75 percent below. And no wonder
Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades refused to tax high-worth Russian
depositors more than 10 percent, even at the cost of penalizing Cypriot
voters more than he had to and breaching the principle of depositor

Mostotrest Rises First Day in 6 on Olympics Deals: Moscow Mover

OAO Mostotrest, the bridge and road builder part-owned by Vladimir
Putin’s judo partner Arkady Rotenberg, climbed for the first time in six
days on speculation the company will benefit from his Winter Olympics

Mostotrest gained 1.8 percent, the most since Feb. 25, to 139.15
rubles by 5:13 p.m. in Moscow. The amount of shares traded was about
93,000, equivalent to 72 percent of the three- month daily average.

Billionaire Rotenberg Buys Marshall’s 10.7% Stake in Rostelecom

Capital sold its 10.7 percent stake in state-run fixed-line operator
OAO Rostelecom to billionaire Arkady Rotenberg, a judo partner of
President Vladimir Putin, according to an e-mailed statement today.

Konstantin Malofeev’s Marshall Capital sold shares to Rotenberg’s
Bellared Holdings Ltd for an “undisclosed amount,” the company said in
the statement. The stake has a market value of 38.7 billion rubles ($1.3
billion), according to Bloomberg calculations.

Putin Ally to Buy Dynamo Moscow Hockey Club, Vedomosti Says
Rotenberg, a judo partner of Russian President Vladimir Putin, agreed
to buy the Dynamo Moscow Hockey Club, Vedomosti reported today, citing
unidentified people close to the professional club.

Rotenberg Company Plans to Build Island, Vedomosti Reports

Inzhtransstroi plans to build an island in the Gulf of Finland,
Vedomosti reported, citing a representative of North-West Balanced
Investments Fund, which will finance the construction. Inzhtransstroi is
controlled by OAO Mostotrest, a bridge and road builder part-owned by
President Vladimir Putin’s judo partner, Arkady Rotenberg.

Rossosh to Boost Fertilizer Capacity After $1 Billion Investment

Minudobreniya, the Russian fertilizer producer acquired by Arkady
Rotenberg for $1 billion, plans to increase capacity as demand for crop
nutrients grows.

The company, known as Rossosh, will add 500,000 metric tons of urea
production capacity and may boost ammonia output by 50 percent to 1.5
million tons, Rotenberg’s press office said today in an e-mailed
statement, without giving a timeframe.

Putin’s Comeback; Dixy, Mostotrest, PIK: Russian Equity Preview

Mostotrest (MSTT) : The Russian infrastructure builder part-owned by
Vladimir Putin’s judo partner Arkady Rotenberg, is set to report
first-half earnings. Mostotrest lost 2.9 percent to 154.01 rubles.

Mostotrest Jumps Most in 3 Weeks on Increasing Profit by 86%

Mostotrest (MSTT), the bridge and road builder part-owned by Prime
Minister Vladimir Putin’s judo partner Arkady Rotenberg, gained the most
in three weeks after saying first-half profit climbed 86 percent.

The shares gained 2.3 percent to 157.49 rubles by the 6:45 p.m. in
Moscow, its biggest gain since Sept. 2, giving the company a market
value of 44 billion rubles ($1.4 billion).

Vinci, Rotenberg May Build Moscow Metro Stations, Vedomosti Says

Rotenberg, a judo partner of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, and
France’s Vinci SA (DG) may build new stations for the Moscow metro,
with associated underground parking, Vedomosti reported today, citing
unidentified Moscow city officials.

Firtash’s Ostchem to Export Rossosh Fertilizers, RBC Daily Says

billionaire Dmitry Firtash’s Ostchem agreed to be an export trader for
Minudobreniya, based in Rossosh, central Russia, RBC Daily reported,
citing his press office.

Firtash bid for the Russian fertilizer maker located near the
Ukrainian border earlier this year, while the company was acquired by
Arkady Rotenberg, Vladimir Putin’s judo partner, last month, the
newspaper said.

Putin Ally May Buy $2 Billion Fertilizer Plant, Vedomosti Says

Rotenberg, a judo partner of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, and
his brother Boris Rotenberg may buy nitrogen fertilizer maker OAO
Minudobreniya for $2 billion, Vedomosti reported, citing unidentified
people familiar with the matter.

Ukrainian billionaire Dmitry Firtash gained control of Rossosh,
outbidding Russian companies OAO Acron and EuroChem, the Moscow-based
newspaper said.

Renaissance Listing Russia Fund to Tap 2014 Olympics

Mostotrest (MSTT), a Russian construction company part-owned by Putin’s
judo partner Arkady Rotenberg, is the biggest of the fund’s
investments, accounting for 10.7 percent of its holdings, according to
the fund’s prospectus. Globaltrans Investment Plc (GLTR), Russia’s
biggest non-state rail operator, is the second-largest.

Binbank’s Shishkhanov to Buy 49% in Hotel Moskva, Vedomosti Says

President Mikhail Shishkhanov may buy 49 percent in the Hotel Moskva
with more than $150 million of own funds, Vedomosti reported today,
three people familiar with the matter.

Other partners in the hotel, which faces Moscow’s Red Square, are
billionaire Suleiman Kerimov and businessman Arkady Rotenberg, Vedomosti

Putin Judo Partner Buys Gazprom Drilling Unit, Kommersant Says

Rotenberg, a judo partner of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin,
bought OAO Gazprom’s drilling unit OOO Gazprom Burenie, Kommersant
reported, citing unidentified people familiar with the matter.

Putin Allies Win Right to Build Russia’s First Toll Roads, Vedomosti Says

Allies of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will build the country’s first major toll roads, Vedomosti reported.

Arkady Rotenberg won a government concession to build the new
Moscow-St. Petersburg route and Yury Kovalchuk will build the
Moscow-Minsk link, the Moscow-based newspaper reported today, citing
companies controlled by both men.

Transneft to Buy Black Sea Oil Terminal, Extend State Control Over Exports

Dyomin declined to comment on the deal. Kadina Ltd., controlled by
Alexander Skorogobatko, Alexander Ponomarenko and Arkady Rotenberg,
currently owns 50.1 percent of Novorossisyk and will sell this entire
stake, according to Vedomosti.

Medvedev Breaks With Putin Over Vinci Road Project After Ecology Protests

representative of millionaire Arkady Rotenberg, Putin’s judo-playing
friend of 40 years, sits on the board of Northwestern Concession
Company, created in 2007 to build and operate the road, the Vedomosti
newspaper reported yesterday.

Putin’s Judo-Playing Friend Says Premier Didn’t Help Him Win Gazprom Deals

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin didn’t help his judo-playing friend of 40
years, Arkady Rotenberg, become a millionaire supplying pipes to
natural-gas producer OAO Gazprom, the businessman said.

“Knowing high government officials has never hurt anyone in our
country but it’s by far not helped everyone,” said Rotenberg, 58, in an
interview in Kommersant today. “For me it’s unacceptable to use such

5 reasons why Sochi’s Olympics may be the most controversial Games yet

2. An exceptional degree of lavish spending, and allegations of croneyism and corruption

an article for Bloomberg Businessweek, Joshua Yaffa gives details of 21
contracts handed out to close friends of President Vladimir Putin, the
brothers Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, totalling $7bn – 14% of the total

Yaffa relates that few criminal cases over corruption have been
initiated; however, in June 2012 the Investigative Committee of the
Russian Federation opened a case against contractors at two venues – the
main Fisht Olympic stadium, which will only be used for the opening and
closing ceremonies, and the bobsleigh course.

The investigators alleged that the contractors inflated costs by
submitting false or unjustified project estimates. The alleged losses to
the state budget amounted to nearly $170m at the stadium and $75m at
the bobsleigh venue. However, in an interview with foreign media on 20
January, Putin denied that there was any evidence of corruption,
although he acknowledged there had been attempts to raise prices, as, he
said, would happen in any country.

Putin’s Pal And The Other Billionaires Who Helped Bankroll The World’s Most Expensive Olympics

received $7.36 billion in various state contracts, earmarked for
everything from the construction of the Dzhubga-Sochi pipeline and a
power plant to the development of new ski resorts. He also built a new
highway and railroad tracks along the Black Sea coast. Perhaps
Rotenberg’s role at these Olympics is not that surprising. As a young
boy, he used to play judo with his friend Vladimir Putin. Today he is
the first vice-president of the Judo Federation of Russia, and the
“Dinamo” hockey team; his brother and partner, Boris, is president of
the “Dinamo” soccer team, and Boris’s son Roman is in charge of business
development for the St. Petersburg Hockey Club, SKA.  

Sochi Winter Olympics: activist alleges cost overruns and conflicts of interest

of the key beneficiaries of lucrative Olympic contracts was Putin’s
childhood friend Arkady Rotenberg. Through a majority-owned subsidiary,
Rotenberg holds nearly 39% of the Mostotrest company, which amassed a
dozen Olympics-related state contracts to build nearly all of the
highways in the area.

Mostotrest’s contracts in Sochi amounted to $3.1bn, including a
$1.6bn bypass for Sochi, as well as tunnels, bridges and railroads, the
company confirmed.

The Russian business daily Vedomosti in 2009
analysed scores of tenders for Olympic contracts and discovered that the
majority of bids were very close to the maximum the state said it would
pay, and in many cases bidders were barred from running, leaving one
company to claim the contract.

Mostotrest won the $1.6bn bypass contract after firms owned by
tycoons Oleg Deripaska and Roman Abramovich dropped out of the
competition in 2009. Mostotrest offered to build the road for 59.36bn
rubles, just barely below the maximum state price of 60.9bn rubles.

Games Putin Plays: The Lamentable War Over Potash

reports from Moscow say that Uralkali’s principal shareholders
overreached by withdrawing from BPC, but it challenges common sense to
think they’d dare do so except in compliance with an intricate game that
no one can play better than Putin. If Lukashenko is now insisting on a
change in that Uralkali ownership as a precondition for resurrecting
BPC, it’s a small concession for Putin and maybe even a desired end of
his own, particularly if, as reported, associates like Arkady Rotenberg
are prospective buyers.

Russian journalist who campaigned against new highway dies after assault

people with high-profile political connections reportedly stood to
profit from the highway’s construction, including Arkady Rotenberg, a
billionaire who once taught judo to the president, Vladimir Putin. Road
construction is one of the most corrupt sectors of Russia’s economy,
with numerous opportunities for kickbacks and bribes.

Vladimir Putin’s Billionaire Boys Judo Club

Since 2000, when Putin first became the President of Russia,
Yawara-Neva has shot to incredible heights right alongside its general
director Arkady Rotenberg, Putin’s childhood sparring partner. This
month, in the annual ranking of Russia’s wealthiest put out by Finans
magazine, Rotenberg jumped 17 spots from the previous year to officially
join the list of Russia’s billionaires. His fortune is now pegged at
$1.75 billion, which seems like a lot for a man whose work before Putin
took office was mostly confined to running average businesses and
promoting judo. But for the members of their St. Petersburg clique, this
isn’t extraordinary.

Most of Rotenberg’s fortune has come through his deals with Russia’s
state-controlled natural-gas monopoly, Gazprom, which is headed by one
of Putin’s old friends from the St. Petersburg mayor’s office. In 2008,
Gazprom started selling Rotenberg its subsidiaries, in particular the
ones that supply and construct pipelines, and then it started placing
huge orders with these companies once they were in Rotenberg’s control.
In 2009 alone, Rotenberg’s firm StroyGazMontazh won 19 of these tenders
with Gazprom, sometimes at auctions in which it was the only bidder.

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