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Старший партнер, менеджер по инвестициям и директор Baillie Gifford & Co

Старший партнер, менеджер по инвестициям и директор Baillie Gifford & Co






Эндрю Джеймс Телфер выступает в качестве совместного старшего партнера, менеджера по инвестициям и директор Baillie Gifford & Co.  

Телфер выступает в качестве инвестиционного советника и директора Baillie Gifford & Co. Limited. Он выступает в качестве главного исполнительного директора.


Старший партнер, менеджер по инвестициям и директор Baillie Gifford & CoСтарший партнер с мая 2012 года, инвестиционный советник и директор Baillie Гиффорд Оверсиз Лимитед, и ранее служил в качестве партнера.

С мая 2002 года и руководитель отдела институциональных клиентов.

С мая 2009 года по май 2012 года  Телфер ранее был ответственным за управление инвестициями в Гардиан Baillie Гиффорд Лимитед и Бэйли Гиффорд Лайф Лімітед. Он служит в качестве директора Мицубиси Бэйли Гиффорд Management Limited активами. Телфер имеет обширный опыт инвестиций.



Baillie Gifford & Co




Baillie Gifford adds three partners as veteran steps down

Baillie Gifford has added three partners to its ranks as one of its veteran partners prepares to step down. 
Elaine Morrison will leave the Scottish fund manager on 30 April after 28 years of service with the firm, having worked as an investment manager and more recently in the client department. 
Meanwhile, multi-asset director Eleanor McKee, director of the global alpha strategy John Carnegie and Donald Farquharson (pictured), a fund manager within the Japanese equity team, have been named partners. 

Passive houses insist they do care about governance

Passive asset management houses have enjoyed rapid growth over the past 10 years as investors have flocked to place money with cheaper index-tracking funds and eschewed alternatives run by human stockpickers who charge higher fees for their expertise.
Such funds today account for more than a third of US mutual fund assets. But some observers and participants in the field have expressed concerns that, as passive funds continue to expand their market share, it has led to large corporations facing less scrutiny from their shareholders.
Andrew Telfer, senior partner at Baillie Gifford, the Scottish investment house that focuses on active management, set out his concerns to the FT just over a year ago: “Active managers like ourselves are getting increasingly involved in corporate governance issues [and] trying to encourage businesses to invest for the long term. [That pressure on companies] would be reduced by a move towards passive,” he said

Baillie Gifford appoints AA-rated MacDougall as partner

Baillie Gifford has promoted AA-rated John MacDougall to partner as the firm implements a series of changes to its roster.
Investment manager MacDougall (pictured) will retain his responsibilities as part of the firm’s Long Term Global Growth team.
Tim Garratt, clients department director on the Long Term Global Growth strategy, has also been promoted to partner.
Heading the other way is Peter Hadden, partner in the clients department dealing with North American business, who will step down from the partnership on 30 April.

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